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Brandcreations amount we charge
Several Payment Options to make it affordable

Together, we'll sit down and determine how large and feature rich your site needs to be. You get what you pay for. No big secrets how cost is determined. Getting you customers is the priority.

What’s the big secret?

When I set out to purchase something I prefer a straight forward conversation. Sales people often do a fantastic job of telling me about their product, but shy away from conversation about pricing. It’s almost as, if they let me know how much it was I would run away. Let’s not shy away from that conversation. I want you to know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting. These topics and more are addressed during our FREE initial phone consultation.

You’re paying for years of experience I have accumulated designing and implementing online services. I have found it takes a certain amount of time and energy just to setup a website. Identifying color combinations, Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting, etc., I’ll stop there. You just want the facts. I have three packages I offer that I talk about later on, and custom pricing for larger projects.

Make no mistake. Creating your website is a collaborative effort. It’s your site. It’s your business. I can help you properly communicate what you offer. Keep in mind, once we go through this process together, you will come to understand, your website is only one player contributing to a strong online presence.

Phone Consultations are FREE of charge. If you prefer for me to physically come to your location then I am going to charge you $150 for a one hour site visit due and payable at the end of the visit. Mileage is billed at .50 per mile if you exceed 50 miles of Montgomery, AL The Site Visit charge of $150 per hour will be applied as a credit to any quote for service I provide you. I don’t mind doing these site visits but they must be scheduled.

Whatever we discuss is of course confidential. Use this time to explore your idea to it’s fullest and don’t get concerned if we start chasing windmills. This is the process. Creativity flows from collaboration.

At the end of the Phone Consultation or Site Visit, I will be able to provide you a Scope of Work and a quote detailing the services I recommend as necessary to complete your project.

Website Hosting Configuration:  If you already have a website hosting service then you can skip this, just get me a login and password.  If not, I recommend you to get your own web hosting services and manage it yourself.  The reason for this is simple.  I have seen a number of complications arise when someone pays their developer for web hosting, only to later want to make a change and find themselves in a bind.  I think you benefit well by owning your own domain and managing where you host your site.  Give access to those working on it and remove access when they are done.  I can help you with this and recommend using SiteGround

In every website design, whether it is a one page site, landing page or elaborate creation, you get the following with my basic service.  All plugin licenses will be transferred to your upon final payment.

  1. All sites are built using a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress.   
  2. GeneratePress or Astra are the themes considered for each project.  
  3. Domain will be properly configured.
  4. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate will be installed for user security and Google Compliance.
  5. Obtain and install a Google account and Bing account for website analytics
  6. Claim and configure your ‘Google My Business’ account
  7. Custom craft logo, colors and images as necessary to convey your companies message to for mobile and desktop viewing.
  8. Create two (post) templates and post categories as required to organize your companies message.
  9. Provide Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions page(s).
  10. Create Home Page (Landing Page)   

Need Assistance?

Often I have a number of questions when I am getting to know a business.  I am sure you do as well.  Contact Me by phone or email and we’ll get to know each other better and get a clear understanding of your project.

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Phone Consultation

Whatever we discuss is of course confidential. Use this time to explore your idea to it’s fullest and don’t get concerned if we start chasing windmills. This is the process. Creativity flows from collaboration.

about me

For 31 years I have been configuring and installing networks, databases, accounting systems, websites and digital marketing solutions. When it comes to projects, I am pragmatic and very thorough.

Web Gallery

Not tooting our own horn or anything, however, we have done a number of websites.  Each client had a different


Website Design

Don’t get lost. Visibility is everything. The Internet is crawling with 100’s of small businesses. Do everything you can to rise above the crowd.

Social Media

Create awareness with your social media presence. It tells customers your active and focused on thriving communication with consumers.

Email Campaigns

Dust off that list. Any marketer will tell you that email remains a cornerstone of their campaigns. Getting your message out their consistently requires an effective email strategy.

SEO & Paid Search

I can paint you a Picasso, but if you hang it in the closet and no one sees it what’s the point? Making your website searchable on Google through organic and paid search is essential.